I-Ve (“Interactive Video Editor”)


The Interactive Video Editor

Computers allow anyone to become an amateur filmmaker at home with ease using programs such Windows Moviemaker and Apple iMovie. However, for newcomers the interface of such applications can be complicated and daunting. Working with my classmate Fiona Daniels, we proposed an alternative video editor that brings home movies away from the computer and back where they belong, the living room television.

We created a simple, yet robust physical interface in the form of a television remote that anyone can pick up and start editing video right away. We also wanted to create a fun experience for the family that utilized an intuitive control scheme. The remote can be tilted up and down to make selections, rotated counterclockwise and clockwise to rewind and fast forward, and a quick “chop” up-down action makes a cut in the video edit.

The physical device is composed of an accelerometer and simple buttons. The software interface was created with Processing.

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